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The ECD (Electrical+Comms+Data) Resource Library contains white papers, eBooks, webcasts, videos and technical papers to help you manage and solve work related problems. Select from a variety of application and technology related subjects, supplied by market-leading vendors or written by our editorial team.

7 ways to optimise the cooling of your server cabinets

Supplied by Pentair Schroff on 26 June, 2017

Learn how to effectively dissipate heat from server cabinets and optimise the air conditioning of your computer centre.

How to maximise the ROI of your mobile device

Supplied by Zebra Technologies on 26 June, 2017

Mobile options for your business are endless, yet few can actually meet all of your needs. The wrong choice — based on incorrect or incomplete information — can result in failure to realise your full return on investment.

How to gain visibility and control of contractor service delivery

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia Pty Ltd on 07 June, 2017

Without clear visibility into contractor service delivery, customers do not receive the best service; brands suffer from a failure to meet SLA requirements; and contractors are left to manage mounds of paperwork that can delay invoicing and receivables.

Retain your customer base with cutting-edge field service — infographic

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia Pty Ltd on 17 May, 2017

60% of consumers are more likely to switch providers today, compared to 10 years ago. It is imperative now, more than ever, to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Deliver five-star field service engagement — an eBook

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia Pty Ltd on 12 April, 2017

Field service engagement is the connective tissue between service technology and customers. Field service customers now demand ‘Uber-like’ tools that could provide the technician name, location, photo and estimated arrival time.

How the IoT is changing the future of field service

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia Pty Ltd on 27 February, 2017

Field service lies at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. From advanced field service management software automatically scheduling and dispatching professionals, to drones and autonomous vehicles and beyond.

How to avoid everyday IT support roadblocks — an infographic

Supplied by Citrix Online on 14 February, 2017

A company of 10 employees can lose as much as $183/hour of downtime plus the cost of support. When downtime occurs, every minute counts, and communication is key — especially if the issues are easy to fix.

Advanced analytics for Australian service management operations

Supplied by Equinix on 14 February, 2017

How can you leverage digital transformation to provide higher levels of service, enhance the customer experience and reach new levels of productivity? Learn how companies like Serco Group take full advantage of new technologies, big data and analytics today, providing actionable and real-time intelligence.

How Uber spells the future for field service

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia Pty Ltd on 21 December, 2016

The modern-day consumer has a new perspective on customer service, and irrespective of sector or business, they expect and demand a level of real-time communication and visibility.

A key benchmark test for the best rugged device

Supplied by Panasonic Australia Pty Limited on 11 November, 2016

Independent market research company Opinion Matters invited eight mobile workers who use mobile tablet scanning devices as part of their daily working activities (ie, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, retail logistics workers) to benchmark three different handheld tablets.

The top strategies delivering customer value in 2016

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia Pty Ltd on 14 October, 2016

Customer satisfaction is a moving target. To secure those crucial business referrals your organisation now needs to go above and beyond to ‘wow’ those you serve.

How to take full advantage of your field service calls

Supplied by Zebra Technologies on 13 September, 2016

Deploying the right mobile field service solution can decrease your costs, increase revenue, enhance cross-selling opportunities and improve overall customer satisfaction.

What field technology will deliver the best ROI in 2020?

Supplied by Zebra Technologies on 30 August, 2016

Zebra’s 2015 field operations vision study found that 70% of field personnel expect budget increases for mobility over the next five years. 60% of respondents have undergone a mobile operations process re-engineering effort within the past year. 41% of respondents believe wearable technology will offer the best ROI by 2020.

14 best practices for building video surveillance networks

Supplied by Allied Telesis International (Aust) Pty Ltd on 12 August, 2016

To maximise your system capabilities and avoid potential pitfalls, you need an understanding of the best practices in configuring Ethernet network infrastructure within a video surveillance system.

How to avoid DC resistance unbalance in your PoE systems

Supplied by Fluke Networks on 27 July, 2016

Resistance unbalance in structured cabling links has now become a critical parameter to measure, largely due to the proliferation of PoE powered devices. Resistance unbalance testing is now vital when deploying PoE on your network to optimise your system.

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