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The ECD (Electrical+Comms+Data) Resource Library contains white papers, eBooks, webcasts, videos and technical papers to help you manage and solve work related problems. Select from a variety of application and technology related subjects, supplied by market-leading vendors or written by our editorial team.

Safeguarding your business in the digital age

Supplied by Professional Advantage Pty Ltd on 18 September, 2015

Data security is one of the key risk factors facing field organisations today. What are the risks? How do we protect ourselves? What can we do to address these challenges before something happens?

Reduce the cost risk of work-related injury

Supplied by Fleetmatics on 10 September, 2015

If work safety is not a current priority for your business, it should be. Work Safe Australia recorded two work-related deaths per 100,000 workers in a recent financial year. Work-related injury and illness was estimated to cost $60.6 billion in another financial year, 4.8% of the Australian GDP.

Streamline your SMB fleet – better your bottom line

Supplied by Navman Wireless Australia on 02 September, 2015

Although business confidence is on the rise Australian SMBs are still doing it tough. The number of companies declared bankrupt in May 2015 was the highest since October 2013. To make the cut efficiency is still the order of the day.

IoT, connectivity and the new look electrical industry — an eBook

Supplied by Westwick-Farrow Pty Ltd on 02 September, 2015

Smart cities and smart grids facilitate two-way energy and information flow allowing building owners, operators and users to reduce their electricity bills and greenhouse gas emissions, and improve energy management.

5 critical field service metrics to know

Supplied by ServiceMax on 01 September, 2015

Field service leaders have an abundance of statistics to possibly track. Which metrics would have the greatest impact on your field service organisation?

Meter technology and the residential market boom — an eBook

Supplied by Westwick-Farrow Pty Ltd on 24 August, 2015

The Australian electrical services industry has weathered a constant state of change in recent years. Challenging economic conditions, amendments to legislation and licensing, and the emergence of new technologies that require specialist skills and training have significantly shifted the landscape.

Manage lunch breaks to maintain peak efficiency

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia Pty Ltd on 18 August, 2015

The field worker lunch break is not only shrinking, in some cases it has disappeared altogether. While a reduced lunch break provides more time for work to be done, it can also lead to loss of productivity, irritability, stress and even health problems.

Paperless automation a proven success

Supplied by Professional Advantage Pty Ltd on 12 August, 2015

Going paperless isn’t so much about eliminating paper — it’s about streamlining operations by eliminating tedious and labour-intensive tasks. Too many field service organisations suffocate in paperwork and employ error-prone manual processes. As a result, their operational efficiency is far from optimal.

Optimise field worker efficiency with mobile solutions

Supplied by Professional Advantage on 07 August, 2015

Mobile technology is now an essential component of every successful field service organisation. Mobile-based solutions provide the opportunity to improve the scheduling, dispatching, routing and communication, amongst many other aspects of field work. With new opportunity comes new challenges, however, primarily in the ways of implementation, IT management and security.

Field service solutions proven to deliver increased revenue

Supplied by Clicksoftware on 24 July, 2015

Satisfied workers equal better service — it’s a simple equation. Unsatisfied workers, in contrast, can equal lost efficiency and a destructive customer experience.

Shaving the fringes from fringe benefit taxes

Supplied by Navman Wireless Australia on 30 June, 2015

Fringe benefit tax is a major component of the cost of a fleet of vehicles that are also made available for private use.

Energy management is no longer just for power hogs

Supplied by Siemens on 11 June, 2015

Companies that are not in energy-intensive industries, such as discrete manufacturers, have long been sceptical that investing in energy management pays off. But the endless drive towards efficiency, higher energy costs and stricter regulations are about to change the game.

Field service optimisation - improving efficiency across the enterprise

Supplied by Pronto Software on 29 May, 2015

In today’s field service sector many companies are looking at how innovation and technology can help drive productivity and increase customer service outcomes. But in a world where disruptive and enabling technologies are rapidly becoming common practice, how can early adopters use such technologies to help resolve operational pain?

Developing a mobile service strategy that serves you

Supplied by Pronto Software on 29 May, 2015

Mobile field technology may just be one piece of the puzzle for service companies looking to gain efficiency across their organisation. Companies need to look wider when developing a mobile strategy if they want to maximise the value of what technology can provide.

Your contractors are the face of your brand - tool them up!

Supplied by ClickSoftware Australia on 05 May, 2015

Service Networks for Contractors represents a new mobile field service management solution that synchronises the scheduling, dispatch and work completion between businesses and their contractors.

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