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The ECD (Electrical+Comms+Data) Resource Library contains white papers, eBooks, webcasts, videos and technical papers to help you manage and solve work related problems. Select from a variety of application and technology related subjects, supplied by market-leading vendors or written by our editorial team.

How to expose the hidden truths within your organisation

Supplied by The Service Manager on 04 July, 2016

The ability to accurately measure business performance in a timely manner can make the difference between a good business and a great one. There are many reports that you can utilise as tools in your business for better and more informed decision-making.

Genuinely rugged or pretender — how do your field service devices rate?

Supplied by Field Service Business on 01 July, 2016

Eight out of ten field service devices will be exposed to stressors including drops and shocks, rain and weather, heat and cold, dust and vibration. 70% of tablets that fail in the field fail in a protective case — not all devices advertised are all they are cracked up to be.

How too much information can drown your business

Supplied by The Service Manager on 21 June, 2016

A critical problem facing field service businesses running paper-based systems is data duplication. As information flows along the job-processing chain, incompatible processes require information to be re-entered once, twice, even four or five times. These are unnecessary admin hours and business costs.

Proven strategies that optimise small server rooms

Supplied by Schneider Electric IT Business on 02 June, 2016

Data rooms of small businesses are usually unorganised, unsecure, hot, unmonitored and space constrained — often resulting in avoidable downtime and inconvenience. If employing the right management strategies, however, this needn't be so.

Optimise your field service performance with systemisation

Supplied by The Service Manager on 25 May, 2016

Customer complaints constantly stem from businesses providing incorrect information: site details are incorrect, billing information is incorrect, invoice total is wrong, warranty material is askew. The reality is, most businesses can't efficiently manage the influx of information — so corners are cut.

Optimise your field service with live video collaboration

Supplied by LogMeIn Australia Pty Ltd on 04 May, 2016

The top 20% of field service performers are 69% more likely than their peers to have implemented live video tools. They are also 70% more likely to provide technicians with access to recorded training videos.

How to schedule field service to stretch your profit margin

Supplied by The Service Manager on 04 May, 2016

When scheduling maintenance the stakes are high. Inefficient scheduling practices easily lead to large losses of billable work, delays, negative effects on other jobs and customer dissatisfaction.

17 ways to automate field service and increase revenue

Supplied by LogMeIn Australia Pty Ltd on 14 April, 2016

Field service executives need to know the current and emerging field service technologies — to optimise processes with automation technologies for customer records, financial accounts, scheduling and on-site service.

Easy SMB solutions to optimise invoicing

Supplied by The Service Manager on 08 April, 2016

On-time, accurate billing impacts your bottom line and customer relationships. Implementing effective systems and streamlining processes will improve your cashflow, profitability and customer retention.

7 steps to ensure effective cable management

Supplied by Schneider Electric IT Business on 21 March, 2016

A comprehensive strategy is critical when managing power and data cables within IT racks. Without one the uptime, safety and cooling efficiency of your data centre are at significant risk.

How to gain competitive advantage by integrating FSM to ERP

Supplied by IFS Australia on 14 March, 2016

Integrating your Field Service Management (FSM) to ERP can improve 'first time fix' rates, customer satisfaction and service scheduling. It also provides the intelligence to successfully manage service costs. Developing a faultless framework for this integration, however, is critical to maximise the expected business benefits.

Expanding your mobile workforce — 12 key challenges and solutions

Supplied by Combined Communications on 08 March, 2016

This white paper provides 12 common challenges that organisations face as they expand their mobile workforce and the systems to support them.

10 ways to find the best field service management software

Supplied by IFS Australia on 18 February, 2016

There are now hundreds of diverse FSM software offerings on the market. How do you sift through all of these options and make the best choice for your business?

LED tail-lights — are you aware of the risks?

Supplied by XL Service Bodies Pty Ltd on 11 February, 2016

Modern cars are computers on wheels. Post-fitting LED tail-lights to their complex electrical systems is fraught with risk. Most vehicles do not have a compatible system that allows direct replacement. Incorrect installation can compromise the modern electrics, introduce new problems and put your manufacturer's warranty in jeopardy.

DC energy performance management — a best practice guide

Supplied by Schneider Electric Global on 14 January, 2016

Rising energy prices, along with green lease and smart electricity systems, are set to transform energy performance management. It will soon be mandatory for facilities to monitor and measure energy use across the entire building.

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