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Networked cameras

01 February, 2008 | Supplied by: Atlantek Vision Pty Ltd

The Leutron Vision PicSight cameras and PicPort frame grabbers feature Power-over-CameraLink (PoCL), where the power supply to the camera is provided directly via the data cable, negating the need for an additional separate power-supply cable or unit, saving installation time and costs.

NextMove ESB2 Motion controller

01 February, 2008 | Supplied by: Baldor Australia Pty Ltd

NextMove-ESB2 is an 'all-in-one' motion automation controller supplied in a rugged and ready-to-use packaged form.

Brushless AC servomotors

01 February, 2008 | Supplied by: Baldor Australia Pty Ltd

The BSM R-series of compact brushless AC servomotors offers a low-maintenance alternative to stepper motors and DC servos.

D-coded IE industrial ethernet connectors

01 February, 2008 | Supplied by: Weidmuller Pty Ltd

The D-coded IE portfolio of industrial ethernet connectors includes universal modules, M12 connecting cables, M12-RJ45 adapters as electrical cabinet interfaces, M12-M12 couplers and various plug-in connectors for on-site termination. M12 D-coded connection technology provides protection rating to EN60529, four-core connection and compact terminal dimensions.

Ethernet port multiplier

01 February, 2008 | Supplied by: Beckhoff Automation Pty Ltd

The CU2508 ethernet port multiplier enables precisely timed transmission and reception of ethernet frames by means of distributed clocks for real-time industrial ethernet networks.

Rear projection screens

01 February, 2008 | Supplied by: Midwich Australia

The Praxino motorised rear projection screens from Novix Systems are designed for many different applications such as retail environments, clubs and hotels, store front locations and digital signage.

DeviceNet cables

29 January, 2008 | Supplied by: Micromax Pty Ltd

Turck's DeviceNet cables are now available with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) jackets, making the cables impervious to weld slag build up.

Switch disconnectors

17 December, 2007 | Supplied by: Kraus & Naimer Pty Ltd

The KF-series of switch disconnectors features unusually large isolation distances and offers high AC-23A motor ratings. It covers the range from 16 to 32 A and offers disconnect capability of up to 1000 V according to IEC 947. The rotary contact system incorporated in a new type of modular contact block allows high mechanical life expectancy and precise and reliable contact making. The innovative modular system is both simple and very safe while offering enormous flexibility. 1-9 pole on-off switches and 1-4 pole changeover switches can easily be assembled from these building blocks.

Industrial ethernet connectivity

17 December, 2007 by Steve Smitham, Molex Premise Networks

Ethernet has played a long-term part in the networking of office PCs and peripherals, and is well proven in support of users for file sharing, printing and messaging to name but a few

Machine drive system

17 December, 2007 | Supplied by: Danfoss Cooling

The updated VLT Decentral machine drive is equipped with a six-way M 2 sensor/actuator plug and an extra relay output so it can be used as low cost I/O connection, making remote I/Os omissible.

Ceramic coated bearings prevent fan motor failures

10 December, 2007 | Supplied by: SKF Australia

Process plants typically have hundreds of electric motors in them carrying out a wide range of activities. Depending on the situation, many such motors can be affected by stray currents that leak through generators and associated equipment

PowerFlex variable speed drive range

28 November, 2007 | Supplied by: Rockwell Automation Australia

The PowerFlex 4M AC variable speed drive range is the latest and smallest generation of Allen-Bradley motor control devices, designed for quick and easy panel installation and programming, in particular for retrofit projects where simple 'volts-per-hertz' speed control is required for applications such as food processing and packaging, machine tools, pumps and palletising.

IE industrial ethernet RJ-45 connectors

24 October, 2007 | Supplied by: Weidmuller Pty Ltd

The fully shielded IE line of industrial ethernet RJ-45 connectors with Steadytec technology is category 6 capable, compact and require no tools for termination and assembly in the field.

Wireless home automation

26 September, 2007 | Supplied by: Nesco Electrical Products

The Italian-manufactured Techome range of wireless home automation products are supplied in kit form comprising a number of units with transmitters and receivers pre-programmed and suitable for specific automation applications and situations.

Touch screen controller

26 September, 2007 | Supplied by: Home Touch Systems Pty Ltd

Home Touch System (HTS) is a package that combines home automation with web-based services and functions and provides the home owner with access to these services through a full-size LCD touch screen, typically mounted on a wall in a central location.

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