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Keeping pace with a complex grid

14 May, 2024

With more renewables coming into the energy market, switchgear must be designed to meet safety and performance criteria for demanding applications.

Upcoming ban on Type AC RCDs

13 February, 2023

Queensland's Electrical Safety Office is reminding electrical contractors that Type AC RCDs will be banned in Australia from 30 April 2023.

Siemens SENTRON miniature circuit breakers

01 February, 2023

In the event of overload or a short circuit, Siemens' miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) are designed to safely cut the connected circuit and thus protect electrical systems and devices against damage.

Qld extends switchboard transition period

01 November, 2022

The use of either AS/NZS 3439 or AS/NZS 61439 for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies has been extended.

APS Industrial 'DB Ultimate' distribution boards

05 September, 2022

The 'DB Ultimate' range of competitively priced distribution boards is exclusive to APS Industrial and purpose-built for compatibility with Siemens circuit breakers.

CBI Electric: Australia releases an Australian-designed and -manufactured modular switchboard system, distribution board and new MCBs to 600 V and Type B RCDs

01 September, 2022

With the introduction of the AS/NZS 61439 switchboard standard, CBI Electric: Australia saw the need to have our own switchboard system to complement the already established distribution boards regularly sold throughout Australia.

APS Industrial launches 'DB family' of competitively priced distribution boards

01 September, 2022

APS Industrial are proud to release the first range in what will become a complete family of ‘DB’ distribution boards that are custom designed for the demands of Australian industry and feature world-class technology and innovation.

Electricians urged not to re-energise switchboards

12 July, 2022

Energy Safe Victoria has reminded electrical workers upgrading rental properties to ensure switchboards are not energised before the work is inspected by a licensed electrical inspector.

PrismaSeT switchboard

12 May, 2022

The PrismaSeT switchboard is a modular, functional and prefabricated solution based on a complete system in kit form.

$20K penalty for hazardous electrical error

03 February, 2022

Electricians have been warned not to cut corners when checking their work after a dangerous error at a WA building site.

Electrician, company fined $32K for safety breach

19 November, 2021

An electrician left a switchboard with no multiple earthed neutral, and failed to carry out mandatory tests at a Perth property.

The dangers of switched main neutral conductors

29 September, 2021

WorkSafe Queensland is reminding electricians to take greater care with main neutral conductors.

Are you prepared for AS/NZS 61439 switchboard standards? Don't be left behind.

01 April, 2021

AS/NZS 61439 is a series of standards for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies that has been in place since 2016 and is being updated in May 2021.

The distribution board for Australian industry

02 November, 2020

APS Industrial has released a family of 'DB' distribution boards custom designed for the demands of Australian industry.

Warning issued over damaged switchboard wiring

01 October, 2020

The Queensland Electrical Safety Office has conducted an investigation into several incidents where switchboard wiring had been damaged.

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