Efficiency and renewables

MR16 LED lamps

01 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Tenrod Australia Pty Ltd

Lamina SoL MR16 lamps are powered by Lamina ceramic-based high-power LEDs with a claimed long life of greater than 50,000 h and RoHS compliance.

Flexible LED lighting

01 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Tenrod Australia Pty Ltd

The LED Light Strip is a flexible string of LED lights, sealed in a transparent envelope to protect against water and dirt, which can be installed to accentuate items such as ceiling features, window frames or pelmets.

Signage lighting

01 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Switched On Innovations Pty Ltd

Tetra Power White LED lighting for channel letter applications from GE Lumination has been improved over its predecessor, with greater brightness and power supply loading, in a lighter, more compact design.

Downlight guard

01 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Arrowform

The Isolite Guard is a downlight housing that totally encloses and seals 12 V downlight globe fittings providing a high-temperature fire-resistant barrier to combustible materials in ceilings. This retrofittable enclosure provides safe thermal resistance over the downlight and allows much greater insulation cover and energy loss through ventilated downlights. It also prevents acoustic breakdown allowing (RW30-rated) noise isolation.

Lighting efficiency controller

01 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Ilum-a-lite Pty Ltd

Light Eco Plus is a compact controller that delivers energy savings by controlling the amount of electricity that reaches a fluorescent lighting circuit.

Free household fluorescent light recycling

22 August, 2008

A free household drop-off service for fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) has been announced by the ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves.

RFI testing of fluorescent lighting

18 August, 2008

Energy-efficient fluorescent lamps produce high levels of radiofrequency interference (RFI) that can interfere with the operation of sensitive control and IT apparatus, as well as potentially interfering with communication systems.

ACT abates 400,000 tonnes of emissions

08 August, 2008

Over 400,000 tonnes of the ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions were abated in 2007, according to the Minister for the Environment, Water and Climate Change, Jon Stanhope.

Households switch to GreenPower

05 August, 2008

The number of ACT households opting for GreenPower has increased by almost 150% over the past two years, with over 10,200 customers (8% of all energy customers) using it.

Lighting efficiency program for Canberra

05 August, 2008

Street lights around Canberra are being replaced with more energy-efficient globes, with more than 1700 lights replaced to date and a further 5100 lights to be replaced this year.

Colour LEDs

01 August, 2008 | Supplied by: Cutter Electronics

Cree has expanded its family of XLamp XR-C high-power LED lights to include a number of new colours, including royal blue, blue, green, amber, red-orange and red.

Lamp holders

01 August, 2008 | Supplied by: Soanar Limited

The BJB 2G11 ‘Red Button’ lamp holders are designed to securely fit compact fluorescent lamps in outdoor lighting applications where the lamp fitting will experience strong vibration.

Kestrel multipurpose floodlight

01 August, 2008 | Supplied by: Eye Lighting Australia Pty Ltd

The Kestrel multipurpose floodlight is designed for maximum light output using 70 or 150 W metal halide lamps. The luminaire delivers asymmetrical light distribution, making it suitable for installation in industrial, commercial, security, safety and general-purpose applications.

Fuel cell

01 August, 2008 | Supplied by: Rittal Pty Ltd

The RiCell fuel cell system is a standalone power supply, suitable for applications in transport and environmental technology, power engineering, IT and telecommunications, such as use in tunnels as an emergency back-up generator in case of power supply failures.

LR 460 level measurement transmitter

01 August, 2008 | Supplied by: Siemens Ltd

The Sitrans LR 460 continuous radar level measurement transmitter is designed for facilities processing solids such as cement powder, coal, gypsum, grain, aggregates and plastics.

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