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FLIR ONE Pro thermal imaging camera

27 August, 2019

The FLIR ONE Pro from FLIR is a thermal imaging camera solution that can be used to identify heat spots, measure temperature, identify water leaks or identify damage.

Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager

16 July, 2019

The PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager from Fluke is a pocket-sized, professional-grade thermal imager with a rugged portable thermal camera for industrial inspection.

Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager

16 April, 2019

The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager allows maintenance teams to quickly pinpoint the location of compressed air, gas and vacuum leaks.

Drones and AI to improve solar maintenance

08 February, 2019

Raptor Maps, an MIT spinoff, uses artificial intelligence software to improve the maintenance of solar panels, which has become increasingly difficult as the solar industry has grown.

Developing national competency standards for thermal imaging

16 August, 2018

The ATA is calling for national competency standards and vocational qualifications for Australia's thermal imaging industry.

FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging Camera

01 August, 2018

The FLIR T640 Thermal Imaging Camera delivers high-performance thermal imaging with a 5 MP visual camera, large 4.3″ touchscreen LCD display and with autofocus.

HV Diagnostics Hipot Insulation Tester

01 December, 2017

The HV Diagnostics Hipot Insulation Tester 30 kV DC & VLF is a light, compact, and advanced high voltage test system.

FLIR Exx-Series E75, FLIR E85 and FLIR E95 thermal cameras

14 July, 2017

The FLIR Exx-Series E75, FLIR E85 and FLIR E95 thermal cameras are suitable for NDT inspectors, tradies and professionals in HVAC, electrical contracting and maintenance fields.

Madison Technologies partners with Mobotix

15 November, 2016

Madison Technologies has announced a new partnership with IP camera solutions manufacturer Mobotix that sees the company become the preferred Mobotix thermal partner for Australia.

Olympus Vanta handheld XRF analysers

20 October, 2016

The Vanta handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers from Olympus have been developed to work in harsh environments and are suitable for mining and exploration, oil and gas and manufacturing industries.

Ten tips for imaging

13 September, 2016

Using advanced technology, leak detection and repair programs will not only improve operator safety, but also protect the environment from potentially harmful gases.

FLIR T440 handheld industrial camera with MSX technology

17 June, 2016

The FLIR T440 industrial handheld camera features Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) technology that allows for faster and more detailed electrical, mechanical and building inspections.

FLIR DM284 Thermal Imaging Digital Multimeter

17 May, 2016

FLIR Systems has released the FLIR DM284, designed to inspect, identify and help users avoid major electrical issues. It comes equipped with a built-in thermal imager and FLIR's Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology.

Fluke 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter

18 April, 2016

The Fluke 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter is an integrated digital multimeter (DMM) and thermal camera test tool for electricians and maintenance technicians.

Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera

17 March, 2016

The Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera features MultiSharp Focus, a technology that rapidly takes images both near and far, and combines them to produce one image with all objects in focus.

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