Data networking and communications

How energy efficient are data centres?

28 April, 2020 by Simone Bruckner, Managing Director, Cressall Resistors

If data is going to continue to act as the powerhouse of the information revolution, evaluating its environmental inefficiencies is crucial.

How secure is your smart home?

13 April, 2020 by Amy Steed

Smart home technology has undergone a recent surge in popularity, with the average Australian household now containing 18.9 IoT-connected devices.

Fake cabling documents are fraud — go directly to jail

02 April, 2020 by Paul Stathis, Chief Executive Officer, BICSI South Pacific | Supplied by: BICSI South Pacific

There have been reports of unscrupulous people faking cabling registration cards on worksites, and falsifying documentation to become registered cablers.

Ewon Cosy industrial VPN routers

01 April, 2020 | Supplied by: Global M2M

Ewon Cosy industrial VPN routers are designed to offer easy remote access across the internet to machines and installations on customer sites or in the field.

2020 is all about bandwidth, edge devices and PoE

01 April, 2020 by Ben Cardwell* | Supplied by: CommScope Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd

In 2020, new standards, products and services are expected to drive the demand for more bandwidth and PoE for edge devices, across a range of connected spaces.

Red Lion NT328G Layer 3 Ethernet switch

19 March, 2020 | Supplied by: Control Logic Pty Ltd

Red Lion has released the NT328G Layer 3 Ethernet switch offering 28 high-speed ports.

What challenges are posed by cable certification?

18 March, 2020

The challenges faced by those using cable certifiers have been revealed in a new white paper published by IDEAL Networks.

Data centres unprepared for the future

11 March, 2020 | Supplied by: Vertiv Australia Pty Ltd

A survey of data centres by Forbes Insights and Vertiv indicates that there is a lack of planning and preparation for the evolving needs of the data ecosystem.

KNX IP Secure accepted as ISO standard

10 March, 2020 | Supplied by: KNX National Group Australia

KNX IP Secure has recently been recognised as an international security standard for smart buildings, designated EN ISO 22510.

5G has now reached 34 countries

02 March, 2020 | Supplied by: VIAVI Solutions Inc

There has been a rapid surge in the spread of 5G technology around the world, according to a new report by VIAVI.

Data security for the smart building

01 March, 2020 by Jason Reasor, Director of Strategy and Technology for Enterprise Systems, CommScope | Supplied by: CommScope Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd

The right connectivity strategy can go a long way towards protecting your data from on-site attacks.

Top 5 power quality predictions for 2020

18 February, 2020 by John Atherton, General Manager Power Quality, Eaton ANZ | Supplied by: Eaton Electrical (Australia) Pty Ltd

Reliable, quality power will continue to play an important role in 2020, as it does every year in Australia.

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre

17 February, 2020 | Supplied by: Schneider Electric IT Australia

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre is designed to support distributed IT network deployment in a range of environments.

Vertiv Liebert GXT5 rackmount online UPS

14 February, 2020 | Supplied by: Vertiv Australia Pty Ltd

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 rackmount online UPS is designed to ensure availability within mission-critical small IT environments and edge locations that enable important emerging applications — such as 5G, virtual and augmented reality, and the Internet of Things.

Warren & Brown 1RU 96F LC/A splice and patch shelves

13 February, 2020 | Supplied by: Warren & Brown Technologies

Warren & Brown 1RU 96F LC/A splice and patch shelves come with 4 1/4 RU trays that can be equipped with 24 LC/APC or LC/UPC pigtails and 12 LC duplex adaptors each.

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