Data networking and communications

Category 6A cabling system

03 February, 2009 | Supplied by: Nexans Olex Australia Pty Ltd

The LANmark-6A cabling system is part of the Nexans Cat 6A Zero Risk Solution, based on shielded products that ensure immunity from alien crosstalk and designed to address developing 10 Gb applications. Its release follows the recent ratification of international standards for new copper class category 6A standard (500 MHz) developed to support 10 Gb applications.

Data wall plate

03 February, 2009 | Supplied by: CommScope Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

The CopperTen 3-port Faceplate has been specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of 10 Gb ethernet applications, by spacing the outlets sufficiently distant from each other to minimise the impact of alien crosstalk at the outlet.

Data centre monitor

02 February, 2009 | Supplied by: Opengear

The EMD5000 environmental monitor device product range is a monitoring solution to provide IT and facilities managers with around-the-clock monitoring of environmental conditions within data centres at the rack level.

Category 6A shielded cabling system

02 February, 2009 | Supplied by: Molex Premise Networks Pty Ltd

The PowerCat 6A shielded solution is designed to fully support 10 Gb ethernet/10G Base-T/IEEE 802.3an while being backwards compatible for 10 Base-T, 100 Base-T and 1000 Base-T. The system is claimed to offer improved alien crosstalk mitigation and insertion loss over unshielded systems.

Optical fibre data transmission course

02 February, 2009 | Supplied by: Celemetrix Australia Pty Ltd

The CMT-08-070 SDH Operations & Maintenance training course is designed to provide an introduction to the operational fundamentals of SDH and PCM data transmission over optical media technologies.

Impedance stabilisation for category 6 cabling

02 February, 2009 | Supplied by: Westek Electronics Pty Ltd

The ISN T8-Cat 6 impedance stabilisation network (ISN) from Teseise (formerly Schaffner Test Systems) is designed for measurements on up to four unshielded single balanced pairs of category 6 cables.

CCTV camera with in-built lens

29 January, 2009 | Supplied by: Sanyo Oceania Pty Ltd

The full HD network VCC-HD4000 CCTV camera is designed for security monitoring in a range of different environments.

Data centre power management

01 January, 2009 | Supplied by: Opengear

Opengear console servers are now configured to incorporate power management software enabling data centre power infrastructure (PDU, UPS and IPMI power devices) from major vendors (including Powerware, MGE, TrippLite, Baytech and APC) to be managed.

Data outlet lock

01 January, 2009 | Supplied by: Siemon Australia

The LockIT data outlet lock is a network accessory that protects an RJ45 outlet from the insertion of a patch cord or foreign object, providing physical security by preventing unauthorised or accidental connections and disconnections within a cabling system.

What's behind Telstra's non-compliant bid for the National Broadband Network?

02 December, 2008

Telstra's non-compliant bid for the National Broadband Network raises plenty of questions about their strategy for this massive project. Telco industry analyst Ovum presents its opinion on what's behind the bid.

Weed ControlNet fibre-optic repeaters

01 December, 2008 | Supplied by: CrispTech Pty Ltd

The Weed ControlNet EOTec 2C31 single self-healing ring (SHR) and 2C32 dual self-healing ring (DSHR) repeaters provide multiple communication paths between the various elements of the control system using ‘downstream multicasting’ technology.

Slotted PVC duct

01 December, 2008 | Supplied by: CABAC

The ST series of slotted PVC duct is designed for the routing and concealing of cables in a wide range of installation situations including control panels and wire management for voice and data cabling in workstations and communications cabinets.

Data centre environment monitor

01 December, 2008 | Supplied by: Rittal Pty Ltd

Basic CMC is an entry-level system for monitoring IT infrastructure that combines a processing unit and I/O unit in a single enclosur

Vertical cable management

01 November, 2008 | Supplied by: Molex Premise Networks Pty Ltd

The Vertical Cable Rack Manager is used in conjunction with the Molex 19" Open Bay Rack to provide a robust and efficient way of managing cables and patch cords, especially in high-density applications, such as data centres or server rooms.

Visual communication infrastructure

01 November, 2008 | Supplied by: Poly

The DMA 7000 distributed media application is a network-based system that manages and distributes multipoint video calls and on-demand videoconferencing services by unifying enterprise visual communication infrastructure.

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