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Getting connected

30 May, 2017

Chatswood Private Hospital (CPH), part of Presmed Australia and the largest eye, ear, nose, throat and face specialist day surgery in Australia, has partnered with Wavelink for better communication and an improved patient experience in its new facility.

Boosting mobile phone coverage

30 March, 2017

Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash recently attended the opening of Telstra's 100th new mobile tower under the Mobile Black Spots Program (MBSP), where she sang the praises of the Coalition's commitment to improving mobile coverage in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Altai Super Wi-Fi underground communication system

29 September, 2016

The Altai Super Wi-Fi Underground Communication System (UCS) from Powertec Telecommunications is a portable, IP-rated, bespoke solution which generates a closed loop IP network above and below ground, allowing staff to take advantage of voice and data applications.

Honeywell Captuvo enterprise-grade sled for Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus

24 September, 2015

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility has launched the Captuvo SL42 enterprise-grade sled for retailers, warehouses and field service businesses, designed to transform the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus into an enterprise-ready solution.

Oscilloquartz OSA 5335 Modular PTP Grandmaster Clock

02 June, 2015

The Oscilloquartz OSA 5335 Modular PTP Grandmaster is a scalable and IEEE 1588v2 standard-compliant grandmaster clock for distribution of frequency, phase and time synchronisation over packet-based network infrastructure including IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, PON and DSL networks.

Benefits of enterprise-grade mobile devices

09 September, 2014

Many field service companies, large manufacturers, logistic companies, healthcare providers and wholesale and retail businesses rush into the mobile era by adapting consumer-grade devices to their complex, multi-environment, multi-workflow operations.

HPM 10A Power Centre with 4.2 A USB charging capacity

06 February, 2014

HPM has released the HPM 10A Power Centre with RCBO protection and 4.2 A USB charging capacity.

Canon XEED Compact Installation series projectors

11 November, 2013

Canon has launched the Canon XEED Compact Installation series projectors, which it claims retain the features and performance of full-size installation models.

Internet telephony product award for VSS Monitoring

14 February, 2013

TMC, a global integrated media company, has awarded VSS Monitoring’s vBroker Series of Network Packet Brokers as a 2012 Internet Telephony Product of the Year.

Smartphone use doubles in 2012

06 February, 2013

Almost half of Australia’s adult population now own a smartphone. Take-up soared by 104% to 8.67 million units over the 12 months to May 2012, according to research just released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Access and visibility in virtual environments

23 October, 2012

VSS Monitoring’s family of network packet brokers (NPB) provides 100% network visibility - with link-layer visibility of network traffic across LAN, WAN and internet boundaries - while reducing capex and opex as network size and speeds grow.

When 10 GB isn’t actually 10 GB

20 September, 2012

Over the years Matrium Technologies has been asked to benchmark many customer networks using its suite of traffic generation tools, capable of producing 1 GB through to 100 GB of network traffic. Every customer’s network is different and therefore results are never the same. One thing is the same though - the infrastructure you’re about to purchase won’t perform as per the data sheet.

Spotlight on data centre testing from professional services

16 May, 2012 by Patrick Barry, Product Manager - Professional Services, Spirent Communications

Costly business disruption and remedial work can be attributed to performance problems in data centres, operational network systems and software applications. These issues often go undetected prior to launch due to the difficulty of conducting realistic performance testing. Quantifiable consequences of undetected performance problems include: revenue loss, customer base erosion and brand damage. All of these issues call into question a business’s long-term viability. Since the advent of network testing, Spirent test engineers have helped hundreds of clients save thousands of testing hours, which resulted in bringing products and services to market faster and with higher quality.

Spirent iTest integrated test authoring and automation platform

06 July, 2011 by

Spirent iTest is an integrated test authoring and execution platform built for testers, developers and automation teams. It provides QA organisations with a unified approach for rapidly developing, automating and maintaining test cases.

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