Free service offers advice on EV charging

Monday, 06 June, 2022

Free service offers advice on EV charging

Independent solar consumer advisory SolarQuotes has launched a new service to help Australian electric vehicle (EV) owners and buyers find the right home EV-charging solution and charger installer.

The new EV charger quotation service comes at a time when Australians are becoming increasingly eager to make the switch to electric cars, but are still shopping around.

According to SolarQuotes founder Finn Peacock, while enthusiasm for EVs is high, actual sales in Australia are low compared to countries such as the UK and USA.

“There are three major reasons for this difference. First is price; you can’t currently purchase an EV under $40K in Australia,” Peacock said. “The second is supply, largely due to issues beyond our shores. Long waiting lists for some vehicles discourages buyers, but this will resolve itself in due course.

“The third reason is something known as ‘range anxiety’, and that’s a factor more based on lack of information than reality.”

Range anxiety is the fear of running low on battery power while driving an EV, and being unable to find a charging station nearby to replenish it.

“I provide a lot of supporting information to ensure EV owners and buyers understand the capacities and capabilities of these vehicles, how to maximise range and locate charging stations on the go,” Peacock said.

“The proliferation of public charging stations and evolving vehicle efficiency will go a long way to making range anxiety a non-issue. I’ve also released a very useful and comprehensive ‘101’ guide on home EV charging, so owners can make the most of their investments.”

Among other tools and EV resources on the SolarQuotes website is a home EV charger comparison table, a map of public charging stations across Australia and advice on combining home solar with electric cars.

The new SolarQuotes EV charger quoting service enables owners and potential owners to enter details such as which EV they drive or plan to buy, and whether or not they already have solar installed. They are then matched with up to three pre-vetted installers, each of whom will recommend an ideal charging solution and provide a quote for supply and installation.

This free service can be used whether or not rooftop solar panels are already installed (or will be installed) at a premises. For more information, visit

Image caption: SolarQuotes’ Finn Peacock using his Zappi smart EV charger outside his home in Adelaide.

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