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Australia's electricity grid can easily support electric cars — if we get smart

16 April, 2019 by Marcus Brazil, University of Melbourne

Following opposition leader Bill Shorten's policy announcement that 50% of new cars will be electric by 2030, questions have been raised about the ability of the electricity grid to cope with the increased demand associated with a substantial increase in the use of electric vehicles.

ABB and Rolls-Royce announce microgrid partnership

04 April, 2019

The global partnership will offer an energy-efficient microgrid solution for utilities, commercial and industrial entities.

Power outages down in 2018 — Eaton

02 April, 2019

More than 1.1 million people were affected by 167 power outages in ANZ in 2018, but overall power outages decreased for the first time in four years.

Car to power your home

12 March, 2019

Mitsubishi Motors has unveiled the Dendo Drive House (DDH), a power system that lets consumers generate and store energy automatically between their cars and home.

PULS CP20.241-V1 DIN rail power supply

04 March, 2019

The CP20.241-V1 DIN rail power supply is equipped with an additional remote-controlled ON/OFF feature.

Local companies lead WA power system rollout

28 February, 2019

Local companies are set to benefit from Western Power's $8.8 million power system rollout, which is believed to be the largest deployment of Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS) in Australia.

AI in Australia's electricity sector

22 February, 2019 by Giovanni Polizzi* and Associate Professor Ariel Liebman^

Australia is in the midst of a major political debate over energy policy, pricing and surety of supply to meet residential and business demand.

Call for better EV charging infrastructure in Australia

20 February, 2019 by Nichola Murphy

Infrastructure Australia has proposed a national EV fast-charging network is a top priority, which may help address concerns about driving range and increase EV adoption.

Cloud-predicting camera to improve solar generation

13 February, 2019

Magellan Power and Curtin University student Mojtaba Saleh recently completed a PhD project which helps mitigate the effect of passing clouds on solar generation.

Researchers design hybrid electricity system

06 February, 2019

The AC-DC hybrid distribution system could reduce electricity prices by more than 5% and improve service reliability.

MORNSUN R3 series dual isolated regulated output DC/DC converters

04 February, 2019

MORNSUN has added four series of DC converters, all with dual isolated regulated outputs, to the R3 DC/DC wide-input converter family.

Microgrids for buildings

30 January, 2019 by James Hunt, General Manager Solution Sales

As Australia swelters in the now annual 'once-in-a-lifetime' heatwave, Australians are cranking up their air-conditioning units to stay cool.

Batteries best for cheap energy storage

15 January, 2019

A model has predicted lithium-ion batteries will be the cheapest technology for storing electricity by 2050.

Electrical workers fail to use independent earth for polarity testing

20 December, 2018

The Queensland Electrical Safety Office (ESO) is reminding electrical workers to use an independent earth whenever possible, rather than the installation earthing system.

Utilities should prepare for EV adoption

22 November, 2018

A study has warned utilities to prepare the grid for the increasing uptake of EVs, which will increase energy consumption, peak demand and unpredictability.

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