Elevating High-Density Optical Fibre Connectivity with WBT's HypaFOX MTP/MPO Solution

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Sunday, 01 October, 2023

Elevating High-Density Optical Fibre Connectivity with WBT's HypaFOX MTP/MPO Solution

In today’s era of expansive telecommunication networks, the demand for high-speed, low-latency, and bandwidth-intensive services has reached unprecedented heights. A pivotal component in this transformative landscape is optical fibre connectivity, specifically MTP®/MPO solutions. Among the forefront leaders in this domain, Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) proudly presents the HypaFOX high-density MTP/MPO cabling solution — a pioneering innovation meticulously crafted to strike an impeccable balance between density and usability.

The HypaFOX solution from WBT is ingeniously designed to tackle the evolving challenges of managing optical fibre connectivity in data centres and high-density optical fibre networks. With its flexible architecture supporting diverse cabling and connectivity options, impeccable cable management, and robust protective features, the HypaFOX system is reshaping the contours of optical fibre networking.

The HypaFOX MTP/MPO system has been meticulously optimised to empower users with the choice of either patch panel or cassette configurations — each offering its unique set of advantages and benefits. This flexibility allows network operators to effortlessly scale and incorporate new connections in a modular fashion, simplifying the process of rapid plug-and-play deployment.

WBT offers a comprehensive array of patch panel and cassette options to cater to a myriad of deployment scenarios:

  • 1RU 4 Slot Chassis Options: Ideal for equipment rack deployments, this configuration presents an efficient solution for managing optical fibre connections.
  • 1RU and 2RU Chassis: Engineered for front-access Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) or single-side deployments, these chassis configurations deliver versatility in deployment strategies.
  • 12F, 24F, and 36F LC Cassettes: Housed within standardised cassette enclosures, these cassettes offer varying fibre counts, catering to diverse network requirements. The HypaFOX solution’s high-density capabilities shine through, with the ability to accommodate an impressive 144LC fibres per rack unit (RU).
  • Slimline 12F Cassettes: These compact cassettes offer an efficient solution, ensuring optimal utilisation of rack space.
  • 8F Cassette with 18 Slot 1RU Patch Panel Options: This combination offers the advantage of high-density connectivity, providing up to 144LC connections per rack unit.
  • Sliding Patch Panel with Single-Row Fibre Connector Access: The sliding patch panel simplifies maintenance and access, ensuring the efficient management of optical fibre connections.
  • Splicing Modules Available: For scenarios requiring splicing, the availability of splicing modules within the HypaFOX system adds another layer of adaptability.

One of the distinguishing features of WBT’s HypaFOX solution is its unwavering commitment to cable and connector quality and reliability. With various connector grades and options available, the HypaFOX solution can be tailored to suit various applications and budgets. WBT strongly advocates the use of MTP Elite or Standard connectors in cable assemblies and cassettes whenever possible, guaranteeing the highest possible performance.

WBT’s HypaFOX MTP/MPO solutions adhere to a range of specifications and standards. Custom configurations, including different colors (eg, OM4 Violet), breakout types, and connector housings, are also available to cater to specific network requirements. Trunk cables within the HypaFOX range come standard with 3 mm OD inner subunits, with the option of 2 mm OD 12F subunits, particularly relevant for 144F trunk cables.

In the dynamic realm of data centres and high-density optical fibre networks, service reliability, technical expertise, and product availability assume paramount importance. WBT comprehends these exigencies and offers not just products but an all-encompassing level of service that facilitates seamless network deployment. With local technical and network design support, robust stock availability, and an unwavering commitment to fast production and delivery times, WBT ensures that your network projects stay on schedule, within budget, and free from complications.

Effectively managing connectivity in data centres and high-density optical fibre networks is an intricate undertaking. As the demand for high-speed, low-latency, and bandwidth-intensive services continues to grow, the challenges confronting data centre operators become increasingly intricate. They must maximise floor space, increase density, and manage a substantial number of connections — all while avoiding disruptions to existing services and the potential for outages.

In conclusion, The HypaFOX MTP/MPO Optical Fibre Solution by Warren & Brown Technologies stands as an embodiment of innovation and excellence in the realm of high-density optical fibre connectivity. In an era where data centres and high-density networks form the backbone of our digital world, this solution offers unparalleled versatility, reliability and scalability.

With WBT’s unwavering commitment to service excellence, it is evident that the HypaFOX solution is poised to play a pivotal role in the ongoing transformation of our interconnected world. The choice between patch panel and cassette configurations empowers network operators with the flexibility they need to adapt to evolving demands and achieve seamless connectivity in high-density environments. With two options and one remarkable outcome, WBT’s HypaFOX MTP/MPO solution is setting new benchmarks for optical fibre networking.

For more information visit: https://wbnetworks.com.au/products/mpo-mtp-fibre-optics.html or contact our friendly sales team at sales@wbt.com.au.

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