Delivering Dependable Fibre Optic Solutions for Challenging Environments through Enhanced Beam Cable Assemblies

Warren & Brown Technologies
Wednesday, 01 May, 2024

Delivering Dependable Fibre Optic Solutions for Challenging Environments through Enhanced Beam Cable Assemblies

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) stands as a leading telecommunications network infrastructure designer and manufacturer, proudly headquartered in Australia. Renowned for their expertise in crafting solutions tailored for rugged environments, WBT specialises in furnishing customers with dependable fibre optic networks. At the forefront of their offerings are their expanded beam fibre optic cable assemblies, engineered to thrive in demanding sectors such as Mining, Oil & Gas, and Defence, where achieving optimal optical performance poses a challenge. These connectors also find widespread application in broadcast and networking environments necessitating robust, high-bandwidth, plug-and-play connectivity solutions.

The ingenious design of WBT’s expanded beam cable assemblies eschews physical contact between connectors, instead utilising precision lenses to expand and parallel light from the optical fibre. This innovative approach results in a significantly larger active area that exhibits heightened resilience to contaminants, rendering it particularly well-suited for deployment in tactical or harsh environments. Remarkably, these non-contact connectors maintain high-accuracy connections over thousands of mating cycles without compromising optical performance.

Constructed to endure the harshest conditions imaginable — from dirt and dust to mud, water and oil — WBT’s expanded beam cable assemblies boast a ruggedised build that minimises susceptibility to shock, mechanical vibration and environmental factors. Their robust design ensures resilience even when subjected to extreme forces, exemplified by their ability to withstand being run over by a truck.

Available in three connector sizes — WBT11, 13 and 15 — each featuring a protective window for easy cleaning without the need for specialised equipment, these cable assemblies are tailor-made for field use in the most severe conditions. Moreover, WBT employs a hermaphroditic design, eschewing traditional male and female connectors for a more straightforward and adaptable connection process, free of adapters. Each cable is engineered to withstand up to 3000 mating cycles and offers between 2 to 6 Optical Channels for single or multimode, or a combination of both.

Compared to traditional optical fibre cables, WBT’s expanded beam cable assemblies demand minimal maintenance and deliver consistent optical performance throughout their operational lifespan. Traditional connectors necessitate regular cleaning and servicing by specially trained technicians, yet even with meticulous maintenance, their performance degrades over time, increasing the risk of signal failure.

In essence, WBT’s expanded beam fibre optic cable assemblies have redefined the telecommunications network infrastructure landscape in Australia. By engineering a solution capable of thriving in tactical or harsh environments while requiring minimal maintenance, WBT has provided customers with a reliable and cost-effective connectivity solution perfectly aligned with their requirements. The distinctive features of these connectors, including their hermaphroditic design and protective window, have solidified their status as the preferred choice for customers seeking ruggedised, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, WBT is poised to maintain its leadership position in the telecommunications network infrastructure industry, both within Australia and beyond.

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