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Wednesday, 01 September, 2021

LED lighting continues to power ahead as the world finds new ways to use the technology throughout various industries and applications.

With a growth rate approaching 10%, there’s still room for development and innovation from new and existing players in the sector who can deliver specific outcomes.

As one of these businesses, the Luminetic brand is committed to delivering a selection of industrial LED solutions suitable for a broad range of uses.

Designed and engineered to provide reliable, safe, and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to the Australian market, the Luminetic core product catalogue includes flood, high bay, and high mast options.

The Issues with Old Technology

Operating in the Extremes

In a region of the world where fires, floods and cyclones can occur in unison, it’s fair to say that Australia’s climate knows how to deliver the extremes.

Until today, these conditions have played havoc with equipment and installations that aren’t designed to handle the heat (amongst other elements).

In the world of industrial lighting, traditional high-intensity discharge (HID) technology is still often in use. Relying on mercury vapour, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps — where a type of vaporised metal becomes a gas inside a glass chamber — can raise specific problems.

What are the Issues?

As one of the oldest types of electrical light on the market, the HID lamps produce light by sending an arc between two tungsten conductors (electrodes) and through an ionised gas housed inside the lamp.

HID luminaires need ignition, often delivered by a voltage pulse or a third electrode inside the bulb and require a warm-up phase for the material inside to evaporate into plasma.

Over time, as the HID luminaire gets older and deteriorates, it will steadily require more and more voltage to provide the same amount of light output, reducing its efficiency until it exceeds the ballast resistance level and goes out forever.

What Problems Occur?

More voltage means more heat, and in Australia, where it’s already hot, this can spell disaster for HID light fittings.

Rapid discolouration, loss of light quality and total failure are the common symptoms of an overheating HID lamp, causing the unit to simply shut off and, in some instances, even explode.

Another factor to consider is that when the HID lamp has reached its end of life and stops operating, the ignitor will continuously attempt to start the failed unit. This problem left unattended causes damage to the capacitor, the ignitor itself and even the ballast, which results in more than just a lamp change.

These issues, combined with the guaranteed loss of efficiency — up to 70% of output over its lifespan — means that in many scenarios and workplaces around the country, HID lighting technology may not be a road you want to go down.

What are the Solutions?

By comparison, LED lighting offers many clear advantages over the old HID technology.

It’s no exaggeration to say that an LED luminaire can offer a 10x increase in lifespan while maintaining a higher output and performance over the duration.

In terms of energy consumption, an LED lighting variant can provide more lumens with less voltage than it’s HID counterpart and doesn’t suffer the same increase in voltage demand and the associated heating issues that plague these legacy systems.

In many cases, a direct LED replacement can provide a complete turnkey improvement for your business regardless of industry.

The Systems

Carefully designed and engineered for local conditions, Luminetic’s range of LED technology mitigates lighting problems associated with severe climatic conditions.

For example, the HBT high bay series, equipped with revolutionary airflow designs and high-temperature LED chips, delivers superior performance in the heat.

Key features of the HBT heat-resistant high bay series:

  • 13,000lms to 50,000lms output range
  • 100, 150, 200 & 400 watt variants
  • IP65 & IK07 rated for indoor use
  • Unit weight from 2.3 to 8.5kg
  • Up to 100,000 hours of reliable light

The HBT Series also comes with anti-aging tempered glass, an operational temperature range of - 40 to + 65 degrees Celsius and a hassle-free 5-year warranty.

Luminetic’s high bays also offer less flicker than traditional units and comes with a replaceable power supply.

Replacing the old plastic covers with heat-resistant tempered glass that allows for improved light transmittance and safety — while incorporating graphene technology for better heat dissipation and overall lighting efficiency — enabling you to maximise the benefits of an LED lighting luminaire.

Outcomes for Industry

Regardless of industry sector or application, a robust LED system will significantly improve your lighting department and the broader business.

In Australia’s harsh climate, where equipment needs to be designed and built to last, there’s every reason to take a fresh look at a modern LED solution.

From improved efficiency, heat resistance and better light to vastly reduced maintenance schedules and greater energy efficiency with less consumption, all your targeted improvements can be supported by a switch to Luminetic.

Complete LED Solutions

Exceeding the Standard

For support with product selection, rating information, lighting design solutions and other practicalities, Luminetic can help.

Whether you’re looking for a direct replacement option for your existing lighting or ready to go for a brand-new and customed design, meeting Australian standards is critical.

Adhering to these OH&S requirements can make or break your plan for sports facilities and grounds, sheds, street lighting, and certainly in a warehouse or workshop scenario.

It’s where our engineered lighting design service comes to help in making the right solution possible.

When Layout is Key

A poorly designed lighting layout, whether LED-based or otherwise, can leave your business, your staff, and your visitors in the dark, literally.

Particularly important in environments where critical and detailed work occurs, a correct lighting design and layout can help reduce performance-related issues and improve productivity.

From helping your people do their best work to complying with Work Safe standards and ensuring that your facility exceeds the relevant Australian Standards, it pays to step back and create a tailored lighting plan from the outset.

Key features of the HBS lightweight high bay series:

  • 11,839 to 24,289lm output range
  • 100, 150 & 200 watt variants
  • IP65 & IK07 rated for indoor use
  • Unit weight from just 1.3 to 2.3kg
  • Up to 100,000 hours of reliable light

The HBS Series also comes with anti-aging tempered glass, an operational temperature range of - 40 to + 50 degrees Celsius and a hassle-free 5-year warranty.

The Luminetic Advantage

Luminetic provides and is committed to engineered lighting designs that deliver better, brighter results.

With a complimentary lighting design service available to everyone, we can use your specifications and requirements to deliver the right product choice and ensure your desired workplace is spaced out and set to the most optimal performance.

Using this approach, you can be sure that you are squeezing all the value from your LED technology and leaving the old way behind for good.

Enjoy a Brilliant Outcome

For an industrial lighting solution that delivers the goods on multiple fronts, many businesses are now choosing LED.

With the addition of engineered lighting designs for compliance and overall performance, the benefits are too significant to ignore.

For the world of heavy industry like mining & resources to industrial spaces and detailed assembly areas, an LED lighting solution from Luminetic will deliver what you’ve been looking for in a solution.

To enjoy higher lumen output with less maintenance, reduced costs, and lower power consumption, let us offer you all the advantages that Luminetic LED’s have to offer.

Check out our products or talk with the team at

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