Future-Proof Your Network — Discover Warren & Brown's Cutting-Edge Optical Fibre Ducting Raceway

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Tuesday, 01 November, 2022

Future-Proof Your Network — Discover Warren & Brown's Cutting-Edge Optical Fibre Ducting Raceway

Warren & Brown’s optical fibre ducting raceway is an Australian-made solution for managing, routing and protecting optical fibre cords between termination equipment, patch panels and splicing cabinets or frames in telecommunications exchanges, data centres, universities, hospitals, or anywhere optical fibre cabling is present.

The ducting range has been designed as a robust and versatile solution that supports seamless growth, ensuring that data centres are future-proof. Warren & Brown’s ducting range is made using a special fire-retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) material certified to UL94V-0 specifications, while some other brands on the market are still using PVC. In the case of a fire, LSZH materials significantly reduce the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emissions, minimising harm to personnel, buildings and transmission equipment.

Warren & Brown ducting raceway ensures all the critical points of the fibre cable management are met: bend radius protection, cable access and routing, and physical protection.

The ducting system is currently available in three colours and seven sizes in a solid wall or slotted wall for exiting fibres. It is most important to select a size that allows for expansion and future additions to the ducting system. The most recent addition is the 600 x 100 ducting raceway system, providing maximum capacity of up to 7500 two-millimetre patch cords, based on a 50% fill rate. The ducting raceway can easily be customised and designed for your facility’s specific requirements.

Components can be joined together using two methods: slotted joiners or slotless joiners. Slotted joiners require the use of a slotting tool only when the duct length has been modified; however, duct lengths and ducting components are supplied pre-slotted so they can be installed quickly and easily by clicking into place.

To complete the installation where no modifications have been made, only a basic screwdriver is required. Slotless joiners require no additional tooling or for slots to be made on the side of the duct, requiring only a screwdriver for installation of raceway system ends.

The unique design of the ducting system protects the optical fibre patch cords from damage and ensures that the bend radius of the cable is not compromised. All components in the WBT system are manufactured from Noryl, a very strong engineering plastic, which is self-extinguishing and halogen free (for 100, 220 and 330 mm ducting the rating is UL94-0, for 30 and 50 mm ducting it is UL94V-1), which means in the case of a fire, the gases emitted will not cause harm to personnel, buildings, or transmission equipment, unlike some other brands of ducting.

WBT fibre optic ducting raceway products are manufactured to the highest quality standards (ISO9001), complying with the stringent requirements ULA2024A & RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), and carry a 10-year warranty.

WBT Ducting Raceway items conform to the following standards and requirements:

  • ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System by BSI
  • Fire retardant plastic, Halogen Free
  • UL2024A standard
  • EE-ROHS requirements
  • GR-63 Core Earthquake test compliance.

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