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Schneider Electric
Friday, 01 October, 2021

More and more businesses are looking to their contractors and switchboard manufacturers to provide them with a complete solution for their problem. “I don’t care what it takes, just make it happen” is a sentiment people are hearing over and over again. What this means at a practical level is the need to upskill, leverage digital tools, and collaborate with different players in the market to meet your customer’s requirements.

For electrical contractors and switchboard manufacturers, this is particularly important for several reasons:

  • The tightening of deadlines. Deadlines are becoming shorter and projects require input from multiple stakeholders, so being able to easily connect and leverage each other’s expertise increases efficiency.
  • Business continuity and Success: New requirements for success include the need to think digitally and maintain competitive advantage. Gaining easy access to relevant support, digital tools, and shared resources is a smart way to future-proof operations.
  • Growing expectations from your customers: Many partners are at different stages of digital transformation and will have staff at varying levels of capability. In today’s versatile market, it’s more vital than ever to keep up to speed with the latest innovation and distinguish the added value you bring to your customers.

With these pain points in mind, Schneider Electric has launched the mySchneider Portal for Electrical Contractors and Switchboard Manufacturers. As the one stop shop to facilitate collaboration and provide you with all the relevant online tools, training, and resources, mySchneider is designed to help you save time and differentiate.

One Portal to keep you up to date with new solutions

With the global pandemic affecting our working lives in ways we would have never imagined, technology and digitisation have become game-changing tools — helping us to stay connected to our customers and stakeholders even when restrictions are in place.

Leveraging this technology and digitisation is critical across all sectors as transformations and new styles of working emerge. With lockdown rules creating uncertainty to your business and your customers’ operations, staying up to date with the latest innovation is more important than ever as your customers rely heavily on your advice and guidance.

Through the mySchneider Portal, you will be able to keep up to date with all the newest offers and solutions, particularly those that provide you with remote access and visibility. For Switchboard Manufacturers, solutions such as EcoStruxure Power Commission allow you to set up, test and commission electrical products and systems without the need to physically be there. For electrical contractors, EcoStruxure Facility Expert lets you easily set up preventative maintenance plans and monitor electrical equipment for any faults remotely, limiting the need be on site. With all these offers conveniently available in mySchneider, you can easily leverage these tools and keep up to date with any upgrades and new launches.

Digital product selection and substitution tools are also accessible via mySchneider so you can quickly find the information you need online. To check your orders and access pricing and availability, you can also leverage the mySchneider Portal to find out all details you need. Where customer support is required, online chat has become the instant access tool of choice, offering fast and comprehensive help.

Many of these innovations once seemed impossible, but with changing circumstances these new methodologies have enabled faster responses, and robust and effective support for customers.

Facilitating collaboration amongst the partner and end-user ecosystem

This digital connectivity and move towards more open platforms mean different trades can now leverage relationships and networks to collaborate and benefit from the innovation, speed, and efficiency that digital technology promises.

Digital tools from Schneider Electric, such as the mySchneider portal and the Schneider Electric Exchange forum have been designed with openness and accessibility as a top priority for this exact type of collaboration.

Easily accessible via mySchneider, the Exchange Platform brings together not only electrical contractors and switchboard manufacturers, but end users, consulting engineers, distributors, and other digital innovators and experts. It allows both partners and unaffiliated participants to:

  • Showcase their business successes, allowing others to learn how they overcome pain points and answer industry needs
  • Share go-to-market strategies that have paid off and produced commercial agility
  • List themselves as a service provider to grow their business

Opportunities for upskilling

As the market continues to evolve, it’s incredibly important to differentiate your business and develop expertise. Completely free and accessible at your convenience, you can take advantage of educational resources and personalised training paths in mySchneider. All recorded with subject matter experts, the library of training comprises of past webinars and videos varying from commercial to technical topics.

To encourage you to learn and invest time in your personal development, Schneider Electric has also implemented reward programs in mySchneider for Switchboard Manufacturers and Electrical Contractors. By completing eligible training, you can earn points and redeem them for a variety of gifts, including VISA cards.

With help from smart digital technology, the true power of openness for industry partners is that it allows everyone to be part of a broader, more diverse, more knowledgeable, and more rewarding business network than was ever possible before.

To learn more about mySchneider and what it means to partner with Schneider Electric, register as a contractor or join as a switchboard manufacturer today.

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