Updated standard for DC isolating switches

Wednesday, 11 July, 2018

Updated standard for DC isolating switches

A new Australian Standard, AS 60947.3:2018, has improved safety outcomes for isolators used in renewable energy installations.

From 30 June 2018, DC isolating switches used in solar PV and renewable energy installations must comply with a Level 3 certification under the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS). This means DC isolating switches must have a valid Certificate of Conformity confirming the product complies with AS 60947.3:2018. The brand and all relevant models must be registered to the responsible supplier in the EESS national database and be marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).

Suppliers of these switches must proceed quickly to obtain the Level 3 certification for their products before ordering additional stock. Electrical contractors installing solar PV equipment need to confirm with their suppliers that DC isolators they are purchasing are either existing complying Level 1 stock or are new supplies meeting the Level 3 rating.

Under the EESS, equipment suppliers and electrical contractors may continue to use the DC isolators they have in stock for the 12-month notice period (commencing 30 June 2018) in Western Australia and Queensland, provided the isolators are certified and registered with the EESS under their current Level 1 rating and bear the RCM.

In Tasmania from 30 June 2018, all stock sold must be marked to show approval and compliance with the relevant electrical safety standard. “The change was published in June 2017. This has given suppliers substantial notice to comply. Stock that does not meet the requirements may not be sold, until it is shown to comply with the standard, is marked and approved for sale,” said a statement by the Consumer, Building and Occupational Services Division of the Department of Justice, Tasmanian Government.

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