B2B 101: How to win a business contract


By Greg Waldorf, CEO, Invoice2go
Friday, 12 July, 2019

B2B 101: How to win a business contract

For electricians, winning enough repeat business to achieve consistent cash flow can feel like a never-ending task. One way you can find more reliable, ongoing work is by securing business contracts. While electrical services for homes are always in demand, they are often one-off jobs. However, businesses that have multiple locations often require more electrical attention, which can provide you with more consistent work.

Even if you’re a one-person business, or have just a few employees, winning a big business contract isn’t out of the question. Demonstrating your services are professional, both in person and online, will improve your chances of securing more substantial contracts. Here are some things to consider to help your one-person electrical services appear just as professional as any large organisation.

Showcase your accreditations

If you’re looking to lock in a more substantial contract, it’s important to make sure your accreditations and licences are valid and up to date. Many large businesses won’t even consider contracting electricians who don’t have the right accreditations or permits. These accreditations and licensing requirements may vary between states, so be sure to do your homework. Display your accreditations on all professional letterheads, invoices and estimates to show you’re qualified and are the right choice for the job.

Craft a winning estimate

An estimate is one of the first opportunities you have to make a strong impression when going after new business. Sending a clear and transparent estimate helps take the guesswork out of what you’re offering, and shows you are capable and credible from the get-go. Mobile tools like Invoice2go allow you to create professional estimates, and send them immediately after a consultation. Even as a one-person electrician, using the right tools can help you give off the impression you’re bigger and more established than you are.

Expand your offering

Many large businesses will operate in multiple locations around the country, and they prefer electricians who do too. Consider hiring subcontractors in other states so you can offer your services nationwide and increase your presence. Offering interstate services will also give you a significant advantage over other electricians who limit themselves to local work.

Provide outstanding customer service

No matter how good your electrical services are, your client communication skills also leave a lasting impression. Make sure you’re easy to contact and communicate with at every stage of a contract. Making an effort to respond to any enquiries in a timely and professional manner will show you are dependable, even as a one-person electrician. Showing that you’ll be easy to work with at the end of the job goes a long way too. Make sure you display all your payment options on your estimate and invoice, and let them know the final part of the transaction will be streamlined and professional as well.

Winning a contract with a large organisation can have major benefits for generating regular work as a one-person electrician. By taking the time to ensure both you and your services appear professional, you’ll find it easier to impress clients. That’s a key way your business can win larger contracts, secure ongoing work and achieve consistent cash flow.

Greg Waldorf, CEO, Invoice2go

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