Honeywell Command and Control Suite release 200 smart building solution

Monday, 19 March, 2018 | Supplied by: Honeywell Building Solutions

The Honeywell Command and Control Suite release 200 connects building personnel with data analytics to help drive operational improvements and efficiencies.

CCS R200 builds on the original Command and Control Suite by offering more user interfaces to bring building performance data to key personnel, when and where they need it — from building operators and managers to security incident response teams — helping to reduce operational costs, mitigate risk and enhance business continuity.

The solution combines intelligent automation, advanced analytics and data visualisation with the contemporary user experience of consumer home and mobile electronics, bringing simple, intuitive displays to building operations to enhance facility and security management in an easy-to-understand manner.

The latest release brings the holistic integration, map-based visualisation and incident workflows of CCS to the control room workstation, desktop PCs and windows tablets, extending the software’s mobile, touch-optimised experience to more interfaces. This creates a seamless hub of information pulled from IT networks, building control systems and outside sources, which allows for better incident response and operational decision-making.

Building off the basic components of the original Command and Control Suite, CCS R200 is designed with the same ease of use as the Command Wall, which was designed as a collaboration and team decision-making tool, and features map-based visualisation and navigation from a single intuitive touch screen. CCS R200 brings that same ease of use to core operational interfaces, the Command Station and Command Console, extending an organisation’s ability to turn complex data into easy-to-implement changes to enhance overall building operations.

In addition to new interfaces, CCS R200 includes enhancements to the original system’s Incident Workflow feature, which guides users through scripted responses to security incidents and other emergencies. The enhancements include map visualisation to clearly locate an incident, such as a fire alarm going off, to quickly identify the exact location. Integrated with the underlying control system, workflows can be initiated by system alarms, and procedure steps can include operator-initiated control actions such as announcement, equipment start-up, door release and other actions depending on the needs of the incident.

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