New KNX training

Wednesday, 10 March, 2021

New KNX training

For those interested in KNX training, the new Hybrid Basic Training program from CEDIA and Ivory Egg is designed to offer an easier way for you to get certified, with less time out of your business. It is said to increase accessibility by halving the amount of time required offsite and is approved by the KNX Association.

The KNX Basic Certification is ideal for anyone seeking to learn more about the standard and its various applications. It comprises six self-paced modules that are completed online via a dedicated CEDIA portal; this allows participants to complete course content that normally takes two full classroom days in their own time and at their own pace.

This is followed up by a two-day practical session and exam at the Ivory Egg HQ, where attendees can also speak with experts and explore the showroom and resources.

Membership discount

Until 31 December 2021, participants who successfully complete the four-day KNX Accreditation training will receive 50% off Association Membership of the KNX Australia National Group (KNX NGA). The offer is also open to those who have completed the training since January 2019.

Becoming a member means having access to a vibrant community of hundreds of organisations worldwide and having a say in the future of the industry. Members also benefit from marketing and promotional opportunities via the KNX NGA website and social pages as well as webinars and events.

To be eligible for the discount, new members must successfully complete the KNX Basic Certification course (or have done so since January 2019). Course participants will gain the understanding and skills to work on KNX-based equipment and become a basic level accredited KNX building automation technician. To attain certification, the participant must pass a local practical exam and an online theory exam, hosted by the KNX Association in Brussels.

Online modules must be completed prior to attending the in-person training, which is available at various locations to suit registrants. Upon successful completion of both theory and practical certification exams, you will be registered as a KNX Certified Partner.

What is covered in the course?

The course explores all aspects of the principles of the KNX protocol, and includes both theoretical learning and hands-on programming exercises to build your understanding of and confidence with the KNX system configuration tool, ETS.

The self-paced modules cover the history of KNX, how to design the KNX topology to ensure reliable systems, installation of the system and how KNX bus devices operate. You’ll arrive fully prepared for the two-day practical and assessment.

While onsite you’ll cover how to use ETS to program KNX using lighting and shading examples, how to run diagnostics with ETS, and finish with the Theory and Practical Certification exams.

Why invest your time in KNX?

Automation doesn't have to be difficult. It simply requires a system that avoids the problems of isolated devices. By ensuring that all components communicate in one common language, the kind of device you want to use doesn't matter anymore. Automating a building has far-reaching benefits for integrators and occupants. With KNX, functions like lighting and AV control, security, energy management and HVAC can work as a uniform system, which is the essence of interworking and interoperability.

The KNX standard is said to provide a platform for integrators to deliver a modular and scalable solution that works in all types of buildings, saves energy, and improves health and wellbeing. It also fully complies with the Australian and New Zealand Technical Specification SA/SNZ TS ISO/IEC 14543.3.

To sign up for training, email To enquire about KNX Australia membership, contact

For further information on KNX in Australia, visit the website here.

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