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TCP testing

28 June, 2017 | TelecomTest Solutions

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) turns the 'best effort' nature of IP networks into reliable communication services. Tests are, however, needed to ensure optimal performance.

Assisted partial timing support: Assured delivery of precise time and phase synchronisation

06 June, 2014 | TelecomTest Solutions

Rising demand for mobile broadband services and the evolution of cellular networks toward higher capacities and new air interfaces create a need to evolve existing synchronisation network architectures. Driven by the rollout of TD-LTE, public access small cells and LTE-Advanced functionalities such as enhanced inter-cell interference coordination (eICIC) and coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission, radio base station clocks are now required to operate in phase with sub-microsecond accuracy in addition to legacy frequency synchronisation.

IEEE1588 clarified by sync experts

20 November, 2012 | TelecomTest Solutions

Over the last few years, telecom operators have started to introduce packet based networks and thus two letters became the most pronounced ones: ‘I’ and ‘P’. This being said, the migration to a packed based technology invariable comes with a lot of interrogations and changes. Our company Oscilloquartz had to adapt our offering and services to propose new tailored solutions for our customers.

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